Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)

Job Description and Key Responsibilities:


Entrepreneur in Residence manages and supports the operations of new startups with high-growth potential, utilizing entrepreneurial processes and skills.

After developing the strategy and concept of the business model by the founding team, the resident entrepreneur’s role is to achieve the founders’ vision through effective execution and operational processes, which includes the supervision of designing and developing the product/service from technical aspect, branding, and growth strategy.

Working on and responsible for all the processes and procedures of launching and establishing, and the operations of startups until achieving a clear and sustainable business model, and stable operations.

Responsible for following up on legal matters related to establishment and operation, recruitment and the establishment of internal work procedures.

Launch and support marketing campaigns, as well as lead efforts to attract customers and expand sales activities.

Coordinate and follow up with the teams/freelancers working on establishing the startup and its operations.

Participate in relevant events and conferences, and represent the organization.

Implement and manage the company services and operations on a daily basis, and build strategic partnerships that are of direct benefit to the company.

The job location is Jeddah, inside a vibrant and a highly supported entrepreneurship environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the job provides a significant opportunity to build exceptional entrepreneurial experience in a strong professional business environment and a promising large market, supported by the Vision 2030 programs for quality projects. Moreover, the job provides a chance to build exceptional relationships with the company’s clients and with business leaders from major local and international companies.

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