Investment Analyst

Job Description and Key Responsibilities.


Investment analysts collect information, perform research, and analyze assets, such as stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities. Investment analysts often focus on specific niches to become experts in their chosen fields, such as a particular industry, a geographical region, or a specific asset class.

The research is then presented to portfolio or investment managers, often as part of a team in which experts in different fields get to weigh their insights against one another before final recommendations and investment decisions are made. Collaboration is a key part of the job, as are giving presentations and sharing information amongst peers.

An investment analyst continuously collects and interprets data, such as company financial statements, price developments, currency adjustments, and yield fluctuations. 

There is usually some level of direct interaction that occurs when the investment analyst meets with the management of the companies they are researching or similar key players. They may also meet with stockbrokers, fund managers, and stock market traders. 

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