Black Horse Incubator Company is focused on investing in high-potential growth companies within innovation-based and knowledge-driven industries, including but not limited to; ICT, Education, and Healthcare Technology, Communication Technology, Digital Content and Online Media, Consumer Internet, and Solutions for Financial Services and Payments (FinTech).

Black Horse Fund

With a fund size of SAR 30 million, BHI is investing in up to 25 early-stage startups and 50+ entrepreneurs, during its 2-year investment period.

BHI is managed by a unique and experienced team with a confluence of proven investment, operating, and domain expertise in MENA and Africa. BHI, alongside its angel investors, the International Finance Corporation, and Brmaja Company.

Through investing in promising seed-stage and early-stage companies and providing them with strategic mentorship, office space, a multitude of perks and services (SAR 300,000+), and entrepreneurship-focused business training and workshops, BHI stimulates the investment pipeline by introducing new companies with well-developed concepts every year; while creating healthy investment returns for its investors.