Innovation is at the core of world’s new development strategy.

Since the late 2000s, Innovo30lab has been pursuing a strategic transformation: from an economy founded on low-cost labor towards one built on knowledge and innovation. Your “Science and Technology Development Plan” gives a central role to innovation to boost national capacity, to reduce dependency on foreign technology.

Just as impressive, Innovo30lab aiming is now an industry leader in technology.

Data Analytics & Data Science
Helping organizations stay ahead of the curve, make informed decisions, and increase efficiency using AI and advanced data analysis techniques that allow data scientists to extract valuable insights from large and complex datasets, which enables governments and businesses to respond to emerging trends, take proactive measures, and inform future actions.

Technical Platforms
Thrive in today’s digital market with technical platforms that allow technical specialists to examine business requirements and design unique platforms that help firms start and grow by providing flexibility, scalability, and user-friendliness. Technical platforms provide businesses with the needed tools to increase productivity, from automating tasks to managing data and improving communication.

Smart Cities
Delivering smart city solutions for governments to empower urban lives and reduce waste through the integration of cutting-edge technology that improves the quality of life by incorporating systems in order to create a sustainable and efficient city.

Internet of Things IOT
With rapid advancement being made on the digital front, it’s time for businesses to leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and transition from a physical world to a digital one. As one of the premier companies of IoT solutions in Saudi Arabia we here at Brmaja seek to help businesses bridge the physical-digital gap with our range of IoT solutions.

AI development services
Black Horse provides custom AI/ML development services helping businesses to redefine their processes while generating valuable insights, optimizing business processes, and identifying new patterns for improved productivity.

Leverage our AI expertise for high-end solutions such as predictive analytics, facial recognition, voice assistant, natural language processing, chatbot development, etc. Streamline your crucial decision-making processes, enhance marketing strategies, reduce errors & risks, and improve processes leading to an increase in performance & real-time actionable insights.