Incubator Platforms

Our incubator Platforms Pave the Road for a Smarter Life

➤ Arabie Platform
Arabie is an e-learning website that connects Arabic language tutors and non-Arabic speaking students.

➤ Seyana Express
Maintenance Services at Your Fingertips. Seyana Express is an application that provides home maintenance services for homes and companies, aiming to make the people’s lives easier through a group of skillful technicians.

➤ Wellness Plus
Wellness Plus helps you to reach the optimum life and health balance through different customized programs.

➤ XYZ Circle
XYZ Circle aims to explore the true list of people’s needs for personal development and change. We focus on three main sectors: freelancing, education, and knowledge sharing.

➤ Glaztor
Simplify Your Business and Market Your Business with Glaztor. Glaztor is a revolutionary e-commerce platform that adopts the philosophy of partnerships with our clients. You will be able to reach more customers selling your product on Glaztor,

➤ An Nisa Taxi
An Nisa Taxi is the most Trusted Cab Company In Kenya Founded in 2018, An Nisa is a female-driven business dedicated to women either drivers or passengers, empowering them with opportunities to work and travel in a safe environment. Our solution accommodates the demands of women by offering safe, reliable, and trustworthy mode of transportation

➤ MobiMED
The All-In-One Medical Software Solution
MedGlobal. A social healthcare platform that connects users, doctors and service providers. Physician provider.
All your medical needs on MedGlobal! Search and book an examination with a doctor in a clinic, hospital, home visit, or via voice or video call.

➤ Antex Express
Antex specializes in providing all
Logistical needs and securing cost-effective solutions. Services include shipping solutions, warehousing, transportation and distribution services.

➤ Mozarea Al Saeed
The largest platform for agricultural marketing and safe logistical transportation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Inherent experience in the digital transformation of agricultural marketing solutions and safe logistical transportation in accordance with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
Keeping pace with the needs of our customers pushes us towards providing a package of innovative solutions and the best access strategies by providing creative proposals and strategic solutions in the field of agricultural marketing, in addition to logistical solutions with high professional standards that are compatible with the nature of agricultural crops.